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"The cost to repair a pier and beam foundation is typically $1500-$2500 for shimming, plus the cost of any additional needed piers or beam replacement. Pier and beam foundation repair is common in the San Antonio areas. Although it isn’t as involved as slab foundation repair, pier and beam foundation repair is equally important to the health of a home.

Sadly, over the years we have seen countless budget repairs of pier and beam foundations:

Treated wood has been replaced with untreated wood.
Rugged but failed 6? x 6? beams that have cracked have been braced with inferior 1? x 6?
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Replacement beam sections abutting old wood with a sistered piece of white-wood.
Shims using soft wood or sheet rock rather than steel.

These are all temporary fixes that end up costing the home owner a lot more to repair in the end. The inferior repairs will fail, leading to more cracking and sagging.

If a beam has structurally failed, look closely for the reason. Original pier spacing too large? Increased loads on the beam due to remodeling, or failure of a pier or failure of shims.

Because a pier and beam foundation allows for a crawl space, the homeowner benefits from easier access to heating and plumbing. Plumbing pipes are often located under a slab foundation—when one of these cracks, the standing water under the slab can cause foundation issues.

Another advantage to pier and beam foundations is its platform construction. A pier and beam foundation is topped with a wood platform that may be more comfortable on joints and backs when homeowners walk across the floor. Floors over slab foundations do not have that same give, since they sit atop a concrete pad.

Before you decide to repair your pier and beam foundation, make sure you have several estimates and a good understanding of which foundation repair method each estimate uses. Pier and Beam foundation repair is often easier than slab foundation repair. The reason is the pier and beam house sits off the ground, making it easier to work under the house. However, some pier and beam homes have such a small crawl space that the area needed to repair the home is not able to be reached.

Contact Rocket Foundation Repair for a free pier and beam foundation inspection."
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